Let's talk about AMM hands-on labs

Roland Krause rkrause at ics.com
Wed Aug 17 12:15:54 EDT 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to kick-off the discussion on how we can work together to
provide a common SD card image and a corresponding VBox dev-host with SDK
installed for each hardware platform.
The goal is to save time at the beginning of each session and to save
ourselves a good amount of work in preparation.

Currently there are three Hands-On sessions on the schedule:

- Yocto primer by Rudi Streif,
Does this actually use the GDP or will this be more on a general Yocto

- Genivi Dev Platform - not owned yet
I assume Robert or Stephen might be involved here, as well at Augustine?

- Developing User Experiences
I am in charge of this session.

I do not see the LayerManagement session on the schedule yet. Does that
mean it is not taking place this year?

Are there any other sessions in planning?
Will Rudi's hands-on session use the GDP or will it be more Yocto centric?
Who is in charge of the Genivi Dev Platform Hands-On?
Can we incorporate the work Gunnar is doing?
What additional requirements are there from the Developing UX session?

We can start the discussion here and continue this as a point on the agenda
for the next Wednesday's GDP call.

Best Regards
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