GDP 11 pre-RC 1 now supports the Raspberry Pi 2

Robert Marshall robert.marshall at
Tue Aug 16 06:54:51 EDT 2016

Dear GDP friends,

As part of the work for the first GDP 11 release candidate the GDP
Delivery Team is pleased to announce an update to Master[1] which
supports the Raspberry Pi 2 [2]. This update also comes with an upgrade
of Yocto to 2.1 krogoth [3].

Until RC1 is released you will need to be able to build from source in
order to be able test this functionality. Any testing, and reports on those
tests will be much welcomed by the GDP delivery team.

This build now comes with the latest version of meta-raspberrypi which
gives speed improvements including updates to the vc4 gpu drm driver and
we're now currently using kernel 4.4.16.
The changes to support the Raspberry Pi official 7" touch screen have
also been applied[4].

[1] Build GDP 11 from scratch -
[2] Raspberry Pi 2 deployment instructions,3(RPi2,RPi3)HardwareSetupandSoftwareInstallation-Onthehost

Robert Marshall

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