GDP 11 Beta is out: call for testing

Agustin Benito Bethencourt agustin.benito at
Wed Aug 3 06:57:37 EDT 2016

Dear GDP friends,

the GDP Delivery Team is happy to announce GDP 11 Beta[1]. This beta 
release represents a major update for most upstream software in GDP. 
Several relevant updates on key automotive components are also included.

GDP for the very first time ships a development version of meta-ivi 
(M-0.1) so professionals interested in some of the components that 
follow GENIVI compliance process can test them, helping GENIVI Expert 
Groups to improve them.

GDP also ships some other updated automotive specific components beyond 
meta-ivi. Check the release announcement[1] and the GDP 11 feature page 
[3] for further details.

This Beta version is for testing purposes. Please help us to create a 
better GDP. Feel free to download the binary and associated metadata 
from the GDP Download page[3].

Remember that you do not have to wait for the next release to get the 
latest GDP software. We have GDP Master[4] for the "impatient ones", 
addicted to the latest and greatest.

Thanks to all of you who made GDP 11 beta possible.

[1] GDP 11 beta announcement:
[3] Download GDP 11 Beta
[4] Build GDP 11 Beta from scratch - GDP Master:

Best Regards
Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink
agustin.benito at

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