Yocto based builds using meta-ivi and missing branches

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah.foster at pelagicore.com
Mon Aug 1 14:29:21 EDT 2016


Recently GENIVI transferred control of GENIVI source code from one host to
another. After the move, we've discovered that in some cases certain
branches added to Yocto bitbake files are not resolving correctly. While
the SHA sum that the branch points to exists (meaning we have the source
code in question), the branch name itself is not found and as a consequence
the do_fetch mechanism can timeout resulting in a failed build. Note that
this may not happen to you if you are not deleting your saved state cache.

To mitigate this we have restored from backup missing branches for the DLT
daemon git repo, you can find the previously missing branch here:
Branches for Node Startup Controller were also restored.

In addition, Tolkien has patched a number of versions of meta-ivi going
back to 7.0.3. It's always best to use updated versions of meta-ivi since
that's were bugfixes land and that is where the active maintenance is.

If there are other missing branches we are able restore all of them from
backups. Should you find a missing branch or any other issue with the
GENIVI git repos, or GENIVI infrastructure in general, please consider
filing an issue here where GENIVI IT and Community Manager will see it:

Feedback welcome.



Jeremiah C. Foster

Pelagicore AB
Ekelundsgatan 4, 6tr, SE-411 18
Gothenburg, Sweden
M: +1.860.772.4292
jeremiah.foster at pelagicore.com
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