Compositor/IVI-Extension component update for meta-ivi 15.0 (thud) and compliance

Stephen Lawrence stephen.lawrence at
Fri Mar 1 11:37:25 EST 2019

Hi Eugen,

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> Subject: RE: Compositor/IVI-Extension component update for meta-ivi 15.0 (thud) and
> compliance
> Hi Steve,
> We are planning to use the Weston 6.0 release which not ready now, I'm not when is the
> deadline to the 15.0 release but without Weston 6.0 there are no interesting features.
> Weston 6 will bring:
> 	Xdgshell support in ivi-shell (we would be able to merge the pull request 103)
> 	General improvements in Weston
> 	Debug protocol, which can be used to implement better reporting from Weston
> core

Thanks for the update on the roadmap and particularly the notes on the coming benefits.
Something for the autumn release perhaps then if the updates drop, although I see that poky 
master-next is currently pointing at Weston 5.0 still. Perhaps because Weston 6.0 has not dropped.

For this meta-ivi 15.0 spring update cycle we will concentrate on the current code then.

> Mocknavigation update can be ignored it is just an better looking demo, no new
> functionality

Well we are in a dev and test cycle so I see no problem updating to it/the HEAD. Is there any reason
we should be cautious?

> + Compliance +
> Currently don't see a need for a compliance update, only if we will be ontime with the
> Weston 6.0 update , we should bump up the reference implementation version, but
> there will be no interface change

OK. Good input to the compliance team.



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