Compositor/IVI-Extension component update for meta-ivi 15.0 (thud) and compliance

Friedrich, Eugen (ADITG/ESB) efriedrich at
Fri Mar 1 04:04:07 EST 2019

Hi Steve,

We are planning to use the Weston 6.0 release which not ready now, I'm not when is the deadline to the 15.0 release but without Weston 6.0 there are no interesting features.

Weston 6 will bring:
	Xdgshell support in ivi-shell (we would be able to merge the pull request 103)
	General improvements in Weston
	Debug protocol, which can be used to implement better reporting from Weston core

Mocknavigation update can be ignored it is just an better looking demo, no new functionality

+ Compliance +
Currently don't see a need for a compliance update, only if we will be ontime with the Weston 6.0 update , we should bump up the reference implementation version, but there will be no interface change

Best regards

Eugen Friedrich
Engineering Software Base (ADITG/ESB)

Tel. +49 5121 49 6921

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> Subject: Compositor/IVI-Extension component update for meta-ivi 15.0
> (thud) and compliance
> Hi Compositor team,
> In the BIT we are discussing the spring update to the Genivi Baseline and
> meta-ivi and I would like to check
> your plans for the Compositor component and ivi-extension.
> + Source +
> meta-ivi release v14.50.1 was based on YP 2.5 (Sumo) and released in
> October 2018. It uses ivi-extension v2.1.0
> and SRCREV = "d2c2e262f3bdc9db33b3014293fcdbcfdc90ab27".
> The current dev cycle for the spring releases will be for meta-ivi release
> v15.0.x and based on YP 2.6 (Thud).
> The meta-ivi master branch is the working branch for this and has already
> been rebased on Thud.
> It currently points at the ivi-extension commit SRCREV =
> "9acdaa1a9c79558691b1513cc4917f2ced91af8a",
> which is up to date except for a series of commits in November updating
> EGLWLMockNavigration.
> Can you update the BIT on your roadmap? Do you plan new functionality for
> us to adopt for this cycle?
> Will a new release be made? Should we adopt the MockNavigation changes?
> Do you plan to rebase and merge PR #82?
> Can we assume that PR #103 will stay unmerged as an example?
> + Compliance +
> Although it will not affect the meta-ivi updates we have been discussing the
> next Genivi specification
> update with the compliance team. They are looking at what component
> updates might be needed.
> Do you see a need for a Compositor component specification update?
> Regards
> Steve
> BIT Lead
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