Do I need to somehow activate sufraces?

Jovic, Vladimir vladimir.jovic at
Thu Sep 27 04:24:37 EDT 2018


I started recently with ivi. I managed to create not so simple example, and it almost works.
So, I start my example, it creates a layer, then wl and ivi surfaces, set source and destination dimentions for both layer and surface, set opacity, set order and then show both. And then it gets stuck.
This is what getting scene outputs:
root at pdm3:/home# LayerManagerControl get scene
screen 0 (0x0)
- connector name:       Unknown-1
- resolution:           x=1280, y=480
- layer render order:   1502(0x5de), 

    layer 1502 (0x5de)
    - destination region:   x=0, y=0, w=1280, h=480
    - source region:        x=0, y=0, w=1280, h=480
    - opacity:              0.5
    - visibility:           1
    - surface render order: 50(0x32), 
    - on screen:            0(0x0) 

        surface 50 (0x32)
        - created by pid:       21067
        - original size:      x=800, y=600
        - destination region: x=0, y=0, w=800, h=600
        - source region:      x=0, y=0, w=800, h=600
        - opacity:            0.898438
        - visibility:         1
        - frame counter:      1
        - on layer:           1502(0x5de)

Take a note that the "frame counter" does not go above 1.

Now, if I do this:
LayerManagerControl set layer 1502 render order 50
or this:
LayerManagerControl set surface 50 destination region 0 0 600 400
then it starts showing what is being rendered, and the frame counter starts going up.
I tried looking into the source code for LayerManagerControl, but it revealed nothing to explain this behaviour.

The sequence for ivi application ( tells nothing about specifically unpausing rendering starting.

So, can anyone explain why is the counting not going up? Do I somehow need to start the ivi application? I see no ivi function to do anything like that.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Vladimir Jovic

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