Orientations inside IVI shell

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This is normal behavior. Wayland applications are responsible of drawing mouse pointer.
Therefore, if there are no applications, nobody draws it.

In desktop-shell, there is the background surfaces which draws it. 

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> Hi All,
>               I’m currently looking into a bug that I'm facing with
> ivi-shell and I’m having some doubts about how ivi-shell manages the
> orientation of the surfaces.
>               The bug is when the transform of the output inside Weston.ini
> is either 90 or 270, the mouse pointer doesn’t appear on the screen. The
> pointer only appears when an application is run on top of the shell and
> disappears once the application stops running.
>               I’ve been able to isolate the reason for the mouse pointer
> not appearing to the bouding box checks failing for the blank view. This
> check happens inside compositor.c and no view is returned which causes the
> mouse pointer to not appear on the screen.
>               I think the offending file is ivi-layout.c and the function
> calc_surface_to_global_matrix_and_mask_to_weston_surface and I’m
> trying to
> understand how the ivi-shell takes care of transformations and
> orientations. Could you perhaps guide me on how ivi-shell goes about with
> applying transformations to the blank view when no app is running (thereby
> when there’s no surface)?
> Thanks,
> Sruthik
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