GDP/meta-ivi rocko wayland-ivi-extension 2.0 integration issues

Jacobo Aragunde Pérez jaragunde at
Mon Jan 22 13:07:36 EST 2018

Hi Oscar, Emre et al.

On 15/01/18 15:02, Andreasson, Oscar (Pelagicore) wrote:
> ...
> * git at branch bumping_chromium-browser -- sorry about
> the odd branch name, that was my original goal but I winded up doing both at the same time :)

A side-comment, I've also done some tests to bump the chromium version at:

So far I only tried Raspberry Pi 3 images. It currently builds and runs
on xdg-shell but doesn't work on ivi-shell, because it's unsupported by
Chromium at the moment.

I'll keep an eye on your work to upgrade Weston and Wayland IVI extension :)

Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia

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