GDP/meta-ivi rocko wayland-ivi-extension 2.0 integration issues

Andreasson, Oscar (Pelagicore) oscar.andreasson at
Fri Jan 19 10:58:21 EST 2018


On Fri, 2018-01-19 at 13:31 +0000, Stephen Lawrence wrote:
> > 	   For the Baseline I would take the wayland-ivi-extension 2.1 and for
> > weston there are two options:
> > 	   1)  weston 2.0.0 plus
> >
> > 		This version is included in yocto already so minimum risk, only
> > additional patch is not optimal, and it will be not the referenced version in
> > the compliance proposal (maybe not that important)
> > 	   2)  weston 3.0.0 clean
> > 		This is not in the yocto so potential risk is higher, from the
> > feature set point of view:
> > devel/2017-August/034749.html (not much)
> > 	Internally in ADIT we are not switched to 3.0.0 We just have done
> > some short checks on Broxton and Renesas, those where fine.
> Disclosure: with my Renesas hat on I would prefer Weston 2.0 + patch.
> Although a patch is not great, Weston 2.0 is the version used in YP 2.4 (rocko)
> Poky Meta and is the version we have tested and developed against in recent 
> months ahead of an upcoming YP 2.4 based Yocto BSP release. We choose Weston
> 2.0 in part because that was the guidance we received from the Compositor
> (ivi-extension) maintainers. Of course it is also the version you guys developed 
> and tested with.

Fair enough, I agree with the reasoning and to not block the issue anymore let's go to Weston 2.0 +
patch. I will fix that in my patchset on monday ;).


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