Question about IVI UI for SDL

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Tue Nov 21 07:43:28 EST 2017

Hallo Marcin,

I don't have much inside of the SDL, for me it looks like you are using some framework to render the SDL applications, so this framework need to be changed to suit your needs.
The wayland compositor cannot modified the content of the surface (not in term of changing the place of the button) it will receive so called perfect frame and just use this for the final composition.
The wayland-ivi-extension with ivi-shell can be used to control the composition: position, visibility, dimensions on the display.

So most probably you need to change the framework. 

Best regards

Eugen Friedrich
Engineering Software Base (ADITG/ESB)

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> Hallo all,
> I have a problem and I haven't found satisfied answer maybe someone from
> you could help mi with this question,
> "If I was developing my own IVI system based on GENIVI platform and
> wanted to include SDL, how do I change the look and feel of the IVI UI for
> SDL apps so I can change the colours or place the buttons/text in
> different places?"
> Regards
> Marcin
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