General questions about IVI-shell/extensions and roadmap

Loris Fauster loris.fauster at
Wed May 17 11:10:26 EDT 2017

Dear All,

I'm working on a HMI device (ARM/Linux based) which will support multiple displays and input devices (e.g. two touchscreens, a keyboard, etc.).
As the IVI-shell and extensions seem to be made exactly for this use case, I've tried some examples (e.g. EGLWLMockNavigation) and so far looks good.
For historical reasons I'm using Clutter (see for generating the GUI, which does come with a Wayland backend but does not support the IVI protocols. On the system there would only be one application run (using Clutter) showing something on multiple ivi layers on different screens and various input devices. I do not need any launcher, desktop or similar.

As far as I understood, I would need to modify Clutter to be able to use the IVI-shell protocol and additionally some kind of HMI controller, either inside the application or as a stand-alone. Correct?
How are the plans/roadmap with respect to improvements and maintenance? The IVI shell is part of the official Weston, so I guess it's well maintained. What about the IVI extensions?
Thanks in advance.

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