new 1.13.0 stable release

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Wed Jun 14 09:52:10 EDT 2017

Hi Emre,

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> Subject: RE: new 1.13.0 stable release
> Hi Stephen,
> We are aiming end of this month for 2.0 release. It will work with weston v2.0
> + one patch.

OK understood.

> Before we can take v2.0 into meta-ivi , we have to wait for compliance
> update anyway.
> Therefore, it makes sense to me to update first v1.13 and fix
> wayland/weston issues first.

It is good of the team to think of doing an intermediate release :)

We discussed in the BIT call today. I summarised what you have confirmed here.
So Tolkien can start with v1.13 and update to v2.0 when it drops.

There will be an early pre-release development branch to help dev/integration 
toward the first formal O-0.1 baseline release. As in earlier cycles the pre-release
is not guaranteed to be compliant.

> After compliance update finalizes, we can update wayland-ivi-extension to
> v2.0 in meta-ivi.

Look forward to the next release.

It has nothing to do with compliance but just a reminder to the team about
meta-ivi-test [1]. This layer is part of the meta-ivi project and pulls in the extra
packages to run component test suites. It already has some support for
IVI-Extension tests. Contributions as patches or github PR to v1.13 or v2.0
are of course happily received :)




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