new 1.13.0 stable release

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Tue Jun 13 14:02:15 EDT 2017

Hi Wayland IVI-Extension team,

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> Hello all,
> I'm to announce the new stable release of wayland-ivi-extension:
> Details are here:

Congratulations on getting the release out.

We are discussing in the BIT about integrating it and have some questions about
the scope of the release.

Q1) Can you confirm the reference implementation for the release uses Weston 2.0?

Q2) Will you be updating Genivi 13 compliance for this release? 
I ask as your comment below seems to be talking about updating compliance
for a follow on protocol update, although I may be misunderstanding.

The reason behind is that the release tag [1] says that various APIs have been deprecated. 
That of course would break backwards compatibility and would require a Genivi 13
compliance update for the changes in this 1.13 release. If it was just adding new features
it would be fine.


> after this release we will start the process to update the genivi compliance
> and introduce the new wayland protocol for ivi window manager:
> previous version was: ivi-controller new is ivi-wm  (for ivi window manager)
> The well know ILM interface will stay almost the same: we just remove
> unimplemented API's and introduced a few new ones: e.g. ilm_getError.
> So applications which used ILM interface should be ported very easily  to the
> new protocol.



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