Patches, issue-tracking, maintenance etc.

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Tue Jun 13 07:22:02 EDT 2017

Hello Gunnar,

Wayland-ivi-extension 1.13 requires weston 2.0. Therefore, we have to update both together.
1.13 version is backwards compatible with 1.11. I will send an email to BIT team for updating to new versions.

Recently, we introduced a new protocol. Therefore, we want to update compliance for the upcoming release.
The upcoming version would be 2.0, because we made backwards incompatible changes.

For issue tracking and patches , best way for us would be to use github.

Best regards

Emre Ucan
Engineering Software Base (ADITG/ESB)

Tel. +49 5121 49 6937

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> Hello Layer Managers...
> The Chromium work triggers a crashing bug which was fixed by this patch:
> (wayland-ivi-extension)
> So we got this proposed for chromium recipes:
> (meta-genivi-dev)
> Everyone basically agrees we don't want to carry stuff like that around in
> GDP yocto layers if we can avoid it - especially not for something that is
> fixed in the main project
> But GDP is currently on 1.11.0 of wayland-ivi-extensions.  It should
> probably update to 1.13 in the next phase but it takes some time.  (Or what
> is your guidance?  What incompatibility can be expected?  Are you, or have
> you considered strict semantic versioning?)
> I wanted therefore to propose to backport this important bugfix, and maybe
> if you have done some other important bugfixes which will not change any
> compatibility.  Would you consider doing that and keep a temporary
> maintenance branch for 1.11?  What do you think?
> (There is no 1.12, right?  Or I did not see the tag).
> Then, process related:  I started looking at how to ask for this, with issue
> trackers and such.  The README does not direct anyone to a bug tracker, or
> any other info about how to work in the open-source project.
> Good practice says I should easily find that there.  I did not find an
> immediate link in the Wiki pages [1] either - can you try to link together
> the pages with the code in a better way?  (And the Wiki pages are also
> missing reference to an issue/bug tracker isn't it?)
> Should I make the request on JIRA [2]?  That tracker is almost empty.
> There's clearly active development going on, but are you not tracking any
> issues?  Is it all done through the mailing list or are there other methods?
> By the way - the mail archive [3] is broken and is missing several months of
> emails (did no-one notice?).  I already sent a message to the genivi-devops
> list to notify about it, so hopefully that will be fixed.
> Thanks for considering my questions, both the details on code, and general
> on process.
> Sincerely,
> - Gunnar
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> me
> [2]
> [3]
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