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Gunnar Andersson gunnar.genivi at
Mon Jun 12 12:23:54 EDT 2017

Hello Layer Managers...

The Chromium work triggers a crashing bug which was fixed by this patch: (wayland-ivi-extension)

So we got this proposed for chromium recipes: (meta-genivi-dev)

Everyone basically agrees we don't want to carry stuff like that around in
GDP yocto layers if we can avoid it - especially not for something that is
fixed in the main project

But GDP is currently on 1.11.0 of wayland-ivi-extensions.  It should
probably update to 1.13 in the next phase but it takes some time.  (Or what
is your guidance?  What incompatibility can be expected?  Are you, or have
you considered strict semantic versioning?)

I wanted therefore to propose to backport this important bugfix, and maybe
if you have done some other important bugfixes which will not change any
compatibility.  Would you consider doing that and keep a temporary
maintenance branch for 1.11?  What do you think?

(There is no 1.12, right?  Or I did not see the tag).  

Then, process related:  I started looking at how to ask for this, with issue
trackers and such.  The README does not direct anyone to a bug tracker, or
any other info about how to work in the open-source project.

Good practice says I should easily find that there.  I did not find an
immediate link in the Wiki pages [1] either - can you try to link together
the pages with the code in a better way?  (And the Wiki pages are also
missing reference to an issue/bug tracker isn't it?)

Should I make the request on JIRA [2]?  That tracker is almost empty.
There's clearly active development going on, but are you not tracking any
issues?  Is it all done through the mailing list or are there other methods?

By the way - the mail archive [3] is broken and is missing several months of
emails (did no-one notice?).  I already sent a message to the genivi-devops
list to notify about it, so hopefully that will be fixed.

Thanks for considering my questions, both the details on code, and general
on process.

- Gunnar


Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at>
Development Lead
GENIVI Alliance

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