Understanding flags for changed properties in notification callbacks

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> Subject: Understanding flags for changed properties in notification callbacks
> Dear All,
> I would like to understand below flags for changed properties in notification
> callbacks. When this notification triggered and when should we expect this
> notification?
[ef] if new ivi surface is created: means that wl_surface got a id over ther ivi-aplication protocol, ilm_surfaceCreate.
[ef] if ivi surface is removed
[ef] this notification you will get after the application will send the first buffer over the corresponding wl_surface.
Reason why we need this is the following: 
	The wl_surface and also the ivi-surface does not have any dimensions, so the hmi controller has to be notified how big is the buffer attached to the surface to be able to set the source and the destination rectangle accordingly.
You can take a look to the layer-add-surface implementation in the wayland-ivi-extension repository (usage of  ilm_registerNotification api)
> Currently I am seeing some feature works in HMI when
> ILM_NOTIFICATION_CONFIGURED notification comes and that same feature do
> not work if we do not see this notification.
> Could someone please give more information on this?
> I am using 1.11.0 wayland/weston/wayland-ivi-extension with ivi-controller.so.
> Thanking you all.
> Thanks & Best Regards,
> Vikash

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