GENIVI IVI layer management queries

Annamalai Lakshmanan Annamalai.Lakshmanan at
Fri Jan 27 07:04:27 EST 2017

We have queries regarding GENIVI layer management (IVI Application, IVI Controller)

1)      We are unable to select the opacity values of layer using this API ilm_layerSetOpacity between multiple layers, when changed the values from 0, 0.5 or 1 between multiple layers, we could not observe the transparency settings in the display

2)      If we have multiple wayland clients (Each creating a Surface) and a layer manager application (Maps every surface to an independent layer).  the first launched wayland clients get stalled once the new wayland client (eg: simple-shm.c with IVI surface) applications are launched. Only the latest  wayland application launched gets executed. However, if multiple surfaces are attached to a single layer, the client application works OK.

3)      How can the composition be achieved in multiple layers (using buffer's alpha value only or Surface/Layer Opacity also is effective)?.

4)      We are unable to select between multiple LCD's. This API(ilm_getPropertiesOfScreen()) is OK and returning proper details of screen, but this API[ilm_displaySetRenderOrder()] is unable to select between LCD with the provided display ID, how to choose a specific LCD to display Output.

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