On GDP applications size and ivi configure event

Zeeshan Ali zeeshan.ali at pelagicore.com
Fri Jan 13 09:16:30 EST 2017

Hi Jocobo,

On 13 January 2017 at 14:08, Jacobo Aragunde Pérez <jaragunde at igalia.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working to adapt Chromium to the GDP. It's working now,

Awesome! That was some really fast work. I'll try it out next week.

> with weird
> screen proportions as you can see in the picture at [1] :) The cause is
> the default window size doesn't match the size of the surface that the
> GDP HMI has reserved for the program.
> According to the IVI extension protocol, I'd expect the "configure"
> event of the "ivi_surface" interface to be in charge of the screen size
> negotiation. To learn how it works, I studied the MockNavigation app
> but, despite having registered a listener the configure event, the
> function seems to never be invoked.
> I've also found out that other GDP sample applications just have their
> surface sizes hard-coded so they get the proper size [2][3] and they
> don't take care of that event.
> Finally, I was reading the back-log of the IVI-LM mailing list and found
> an email [4] where the process of the configure event is explained. It
> also says it's on the to-do list so I have a couple of questions:
> * Is the implementation of "configure" still pending? So, the results I
> get in my test with the MockNavigation application are explained because
> the configure event is never sent?

All this development happened before I joined the team, so I'll
request the previous GDP team to kindly shed some light here.

> * As things stand now, would you just use a fixed window size for
> browser windows that matches the GDP HMI proportions?

I think that would be a good temporary workaround until we figure out
the real issue and how/when to solve it completely. Could you please
create a jira ticket for this issue with all the info you have at
hand? Also please link to the ticket in a FIXME comment in your code
where you hardcode the size. Thanks.


Zeeshan Ali

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