On GDP applications size and ivi configure event

Jacobo Aragunde Pérez jaragunde at igalia.com
Fri Jan 13 08:08:06 EST 2017


I'm working to adapt Chromium to the GDP. It's working now, with weird
screen proportions as you can see in the picture at [1] :) The cause is
the default window size doesn't match the size of the surface that the
GDP HMI has reserved for the program.

According to the IVI extension protocol, I'd expect the "configure"
event of the "ivi_surface" interface to be in charge of the screen size
negotiation. To learn how it works, I studied the MockNavigation app
but, despite having registered a listener the configure event, the
function seems to never be invoked.

I've also found out that other GDP sample applications just have their
surface sizes hard-coded so they get the proper size [2][3] and they
don't take care of that event.

Finally, I was reading the back-log of the IVI-LM mailing list and found
an email [4] where the process of the configure event is explained. It
also says it's on the to-do list so I have a couple of questions:

* Is the implementation of "configure" still pending? So, the results I
get in my test with the MockNavigation application are explained because
the configure event is never sent?

* As things stand now, would you just use a fixed window size for
browser windows that matches the GDP HMI proportions?

Thanks in advance!

[1] http://blogs.igalia.com/jaragunde/2017/01/11/genivi-fying-chromium/
[2] https://github.com/GENIVI/HVAC/blob/master/Main.qml
[3] https://github.com/GENIVI/FMRadio/blob/master/Main.qml

Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia

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