[GENIVI AMM tech track] session on ILM future

Philippe Robin (GENIVI) philippe.robin at technoveo.com
Mon Feb 27 09:13:28 EST 2017

Emre, Eugen, Tanibata-san,

GENIVI Spring AMM is scheduled on 9-11 May in Birmingham, UK.

We are currently populating the content of the tech tracks.

I get back to you to check whether you would support a session on the 
future of IVI Layer Management and be able to prepare and moderate it. The 
objective would be to inform and debate with the community (genivi members 
and non-members that will attend the AMM) about the improvements and 
alternate or complementary solutions that might be under consideration by 
the ILM team

Please let me know asap whether it looks possible for you.

I am looking forward to your feedback



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