Analysis of the interaction between Chromium and Wayland-IVI-extension

Jacobo Aragunde Pérez jaragunde at
Tue Feb 21 08:11:38 EST 2017

Hi Binoy,

On 20/02/17 15:29, Melatt Vythakkatt, Binoy (B.) wrote:
> Hello Jacobo,
> Two points on the Ozone wayland multi window event.
> 1. If you are using multiple screens to run the different browser instance, the below link will be helpful to set the touch properly

Thanks for the link. I only have one touch screen available to test so
I'm using two sets of keyboard+mouse, but I may need it later.

> 2. In Ozone wayland probably you required to move the mouse cursor to the second window to get it focused, then you may able to get the events properly. It is observed that the implementation looks for mouse enter / leave for the focus handling.

Will take a look into this, thanks for the tip.

Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia

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