Surface order issues where surfaces comes from different processes ?

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An action was to send to the LM mailing list.
We didn't conclude anything since perhaps LM guys have an idea.

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Hi Matthias,

On 20 February 2017 at 10:52, MATTHIAS BLOCH <matthias.bloch at> wrote:
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> Dear LM Group,
> Philippe and I got an application “Fuel Stop Adivisor” (navigation) which is  a mix of 7 binaries.
> Two of these have a UI that should be displayed
> -          Hmi_launcher is the main Qt application that show menu and send dbus commands to the others processes.
> -          Navit mapviewer is the one that is responsible for the rendering and displaying the map on answer to the hmi_launcher’s commands.
> For the moment, no way to handle it by SW, only a script with LayerManagerControl can cope.
> How we can deal this without the script ?

AFAIK this is a security feature of Wayland that no process can access
other process' layers (or any other data for that matter). If an app
needs to become a layer manager, it's very likely it's designed in the
wrong way for Wayland.

I was under the impression that we concluded at our FOSDEM meeting
that the UI needs to be redesigned, both at the code-level (because of
this issue) and at UI level.


Zeeshan Ali

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