Wayland touch doubt?

zhangyang zhangyang-0206 at 163.com
Thu Dec 14 01:11:43 EST 2017

Hi team:

  I study wayland IVI extension, and have a question about ivi input, as the IVI Extension Design said: 
ivi-input is enabled when ivi-input.so is added after ivi-controll.so in weston.ini. Without ivi-input, input handling is the same as normal desktop style; a top focused surface will be received when input event.
I don't overwrite any input logic, just use the default input.  I have 4 program here:
1. program 1,  HMI(full screen),  runs in surface id= 100
2. program 2, a qt demo(not full screen),  runs in surface id=101
3. program 3, a simple opengl demo(not full screen), does not add any wayland touch listener, runs in surface id=102
4. program 4, a video demo(not full screen), use gst launch it : gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=/data/hmi/data/media/video/video3.mp4 ! decodebin ! videoconvert ! waylandsink, and it's surface id=103

The render order is 100,101,102,103, surface 101~103 are not full screen, they don't overlap each other. And surface 101~103 are over HMI. The touch logic result seems strange:
program 2,3 can capture touch events so that HMI area under them don't get any touch events,  but the gst video demo(surface 103) do not capture touch events, and influence the HMI area under it.
Could any one explain this result? Thank you!

Best Regards!
Zhang, yang 
Yanfeng Visteon Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

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