Warning when disabling and enabling video

Jithin Das P jithin.das at quest-global.com
Wed Dec 13 01:21:18 EST 2017


We have queries regarding GENIVI IVI layer/surface management. Could you help?

We are getting a warning when enabling and disabling video many times.
The warning message/log is from the wayland side.

invalid id_surface in controller_listener_surface
Warning: input acceptance event trying to add seat default, that is already in surface 1000

We are only the user of Wayland Client API.
We are not able to debug further.
We have adjusted the Wayland API order as following.
We don't see any further problem from a wayland client API user's point of view.

1. enable the video device


2. disable the video device


We would like to know the real root cause of it on wayland side.
Could you advise us what we are doing wrong on our side.
Is the above sequence correct or should there be any change?

Please see the error details below:
[247862.100]  -> wl_registry at 2.bind(1, "wl_compositor", 2, new id [unknown]@4)
[247862.267] wl_registry at 2.global(2, "wl_subcompositor", 1)
[247862.403] wl_registry at 2.global(3, "wl_scaler", 2)
[247862.552]  -> wl_registry at 2.bind(3, "wl_scaler", 2, new id [unknown]@5)
[247862.765] wl_registry at 2.global(4, "presentation", 1)
[247862.902] wl_registry at 2.global(5, "wl_data_device_manager", 2)
[247863.103] wl_registry at 2.global(6, "wl_shm", 1)
[247863.235]  -> wl_registry at 2.bind(6, "wl_shm", 1, new id [unknown]@6)
[247863.388] wl_registry at 2.global(7, "wl_drm", 1)
[247863.514] wl_registry at 2.global(8, "wl_output", 2)
[247863.652]  -> wl_registry at 2.bind(8, "wl_output", 2, new id [unknown]@7)
[247863.804] wl_registry at 2.global(9, "wl_output", 2)
[247863.980]  -> wl_registry at 2.bind(9, "wl_output", 2, new id [unknown]@8)
[247864.214] wl_registry at 2.global(10, "zlinux_dmabuf", 1)
[247864.345] wl_registry at 2.global(11, "wl_input_panel", 1)
[247864.473] wl_registry at 2.global(12, "wl_text_input_manager", 1)
[247864.601] wl_registry at 2.global(13, "ivi_application", 1)
[247864.732]  -> wl_registry at 2.bind(13, "ivi_application", 1, new id [unknown]@9)
[247864.883] wl_registry at 2.global(14, "ivi_controller", 1)
[247865.008] wl_registry at 2.global(15, "ivi_input", 1)
[247865.188] wl_registry at 2.global(16, "screenshooter", 1)
[247865.315] wl_callback at 3.done(0)
[247865.372]  -> wl_compositor at 4.create_surface(new id wl_surface at 3)
[247865.486]  -> ivi_application at 9.surface_create(1000, wl_surface at 3, new id ivi_surface at 10)
[247866.822]  -> wl_display at 1.get_registry(new id wl_registry at 11)
[247866.906]  -> wl_display at 1.sync(new id wl_callback at 12)
[247869.898] wl_display at 1.delete_id(12)
[247869.967] wl_shm at 6.format(callbackFunction Called, id = 1000, layer =1000, created

[247870.144] wl_shm at 6.format(invalid id_surface in controller_listener_surface
Warning: input acceptance event trying to add seat default, that is already in surface 1000

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