How can I run a Qt applicaton on ivi-shell?

zhangyang zhangyang-0206 at
Thu Dec 7 05:03:30 EST 2017

Hi Yang:
what's your ivi version? mine is 1.9.1. And from your weston.ini,  I do not find, are you really using ivi-shell? Here is a weston.ini like:




And make sure you have,, ......   in your board lib path(from your photo, I guess  you are running qt app in embedded board, not PC, right?).
ivi-extension is a extension for weston, and weston is only a backend, but I see a program is shown in your screen, are you sure this program is using ivi-shell as its backend?

At 2017-12-07 11:06:29, "Yang Zhonghua" <happy2discover at> wrote:

Hi Zhao,

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking your time to answer my question.

After launching weston(ivi-shell):

Then I tried following lines via serial port:


    ./hello-qt-quick2 -platform wayland

And I got:

    Using Wayland-EGL
    Failed to load shell integration ivi-shell

My Qt version is 5.5.1. After applying patches for qtquickcontrols & qtwayland, and rebuilding Qt application. Executing following lines should lead to succeed?

    export QT_IVI_SURFACE_ID=4010
    ./hello-qt-quick2 -platform wayland

I don't know how to ensure whether my Ubuntu supports genivi-ivi-extension. Could you tell me more specifically?


Yang Zhonghua
happy2discover at

On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 5:34 PM, zhangyang <zhangyang-0206 at> wrote:

Hi yang:
1. If you want your qt application run with ivi-shell, you should export QT_WAYLAND_SHELL_INTEGRATION=ivi-shell first.

2. I don't know your qt version, if it is >= 5.7,  you can set QT_IVI_SURFACE_ID to specify ivi-surface-id for your qt app. follows this:
else if it is <5.7, you should apply genivi-ivi patch here:

3. Be sure your ubuntu already have genivi-ivi-extension support

good luck!

At 2017-12-06 09:30:09, "Yang Zhonghua" <happy2discover at> wrote:
>Hi guys,
>I am new to wayland.
>The ivi-shell demo could run correctly on Ubuntu 17.10 so far.
>1. I made a hello-world Qt Quick2 application and tried to make it managed
>by ivi-shell.
>2. Two fullscreen applications could run on diffrent layers at the same
>time. The bottom one could show directly when the top one exits.
>I copied weston.ini in ivi-shell folder and added the following lines.
>But the hello-world Qt Quick2 application couldn't run on ivi-shell.
>AFAIK, the Qt application should make a request to generate surface-id.
>Anybody knows how to do it? Thanks so much!
>I've been stuck for almost one month...
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