How can I run a Qt applicaton on ivi-shell?

Yang Zhonghua happy2discover at
Tue Dec 5 20:30:09 EST 2017

Hi guys,

I am new to wayland.

The ivi-shell demo could run correctly on Ubuntu 17.10 so far.

1. I made a hello-world Qt Quick2 application and tried to make it managed
by ivi-shell.
2. Two fullscreen applications could run on diffrent layers at the same
time. The bottom one could show directly when the top one exits.

I copied weston.ini in ivi-shell folder and added the following lines.


But the hello-world Qt Quick2 application couldn't run on ivi-shell.
AFAIK, the Qt application should make a request to generate surface-id.
Anybody knows how to do it? Thanks so much!

I've been stuck for almost one month...

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