simple-ivi-share issue

Prasad, Ram x0038811 at
Fri Apr 21 01:11:43 EDT 2017

Hi Genivi team,
I am Ramprasad working for TI's DRA7xx.

I am trying to test simple-ivi-share application on TI's DRA7xx EVM.  gbm_bo_import in update_buffer_nativesurface() of ivi-share-gbm.c retured error since GBM_BO_IMPORT_WL_BUFFERis not supported.

TI's gbm backend is gbm_pvr and not gbm_dri(Mesa). It does not support GBM_BO_IMPORT_WL_BUFFER but I made it to get gbm_bo from
GBM_BO_IMPORT_FD. I did this by using simple-dmabuf as the buffer sharing application and in ivi-share-gbm.c,
I get the dmabuf from wl_buffer, followed by gbm_bo with GBM_BO_IMPORT_FD as import type.

Followed by this, simple-ivi-share gets callback handle_share_surface_damage() listener function, but it explicitly uses
EGL_DRM_BUFFER_MESA as target to create eglImage which is again not supported by

What is the the alternate for EGL_DRM_BUFFER_MESA? Is there a way to use EGL_LINUX_DMA_BUF_EXT (sending dmabuf.fd instead of name).

Can you please help me?


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