GENIVI Layer Management Issue

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I think the issue is not with Layer Management. The final output of the Weston compositor will be updated with the surface damaged area alone. It's just to reduce the timing of compositor(Dirty region update in egl).

If you want to update the entire final output to the display then make clear before start updating the final output or do skip Dirty region update in the Weston compositor file.

Arunkumar R

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Hi All,

we observed a problem with layer management. we have video as back surface, UI as front surface mapped to a single Layer.
when video is launched UI loads buffer with  alpha and RGB contents 0x00, and video is visible being in back layer.
if the video is in full screen its ok. But the video does not occupy full screen. although UI buffer RGB is zero, it still retains its older contents. and it  occupies area where video is not rendering.

The expectation would be once the UI buffer alpha is zero the RGB contents of its buffer and surface should turn the value it contains. eg: if the buffer content is 0x00000000, the buffer and its surface should turn black and surface should not retain its older value.
we see the transparency alpha setting of the buffer looks ok. but the surface still retains the older buffer contents.


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