Multiple display support with weston/wayland-ivi-extension

Vikas Patil vikasmpatil at
Fri Sep 30 02:45:12 EDT 2016

Dear All,

I am looking for the multiple display support with weston and
wayland-ivi-extension and different possible use cases.

I have tried weston 1.9.0 with desktop-shell on TI's Jacinto6/Linux4.4
and it worked with dual display in extended mode. But with and could not able to see dual
working in any mode or I don't know how to do it.

Is multiple display possible and supported with weston 1.9.0 and
wayland-ivi-extension 1.9.1 with hmi-controller and ivi-controller?
What configuration I need to use?

Can I run EGLWLMockNavigation on one physical display and
EGLWLInputEventExample on second physical display with How to run this if it is possible?

Does ivi-cotroller supports following  dual display mode?
- Extended
- Cloned
- Independent Driving.

Thanks & Regards,

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