IVI shell - Wayland IVI extention Multi Screen Support

Melatt Vythakkatt, Binoy (B.) mbinoy at visteon.com
Mon Sep 26 07:27:40 EDT 2016


I am working on the automotive IVI domain, currently on our platform we are using IVI shell (Weston 1.9) with Genivi Layer Manager extension (1.9.1)

I have seen issues to setup dual screen with the above setup, using Layer Manger control I am trying to do something below,

I have two displays

First one 1024x768

Second one 1920x720

And tried the below experiment,

LayerManagerControl create layer 1000 1024 768
LayerManagerControl create layer 2000 1920 720

LayerManagerControl set layer 1000 visibility 1

LayerManagerControl set layer 2000 visibility 1

LayerManagerControl set screen 0 render order 1000

LayerManagerControl set screen 1 render order 2000

EGLWLMockNavigation &

LayerManagerControl set surface 10 visibility 1

LayerManagerControl set layer 1000 render order 10

//not able to see the application

LayerManagerControl set layer 1000 render order

LayerManagerControl set layer 2000 render order 10

//able to see the application if first display

Here always one display is active and showing the content even though two displays are detected by Weston.

Even it seems like latest versions have some implementation related to multi-screen, but people are facing similar issues as well (shown one below)


Any suggestion which is the right version of Weston and Genivi layer Extension should be used to get multiple display support.

Thank you in advance for your support.


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