Multi screen configuration with ilm

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Hi John,

You should start weston with:
The fbdev backend supports only one display, linux can provide several fbdev devices but weston fbdev backend will take only one.

So try to load the and the following command should report several screens:
LayerManagerControl get screens

You can assign you layer to a corresponding screen id, this way ivi-shell provides you a multi display control.

If you have a touch panel(s) you have to tag those devices with a udev rule so the weston would know with device belongs to with screen.
The udev tag is WL_OUTPUT and you have to put the name of the connector, you will  see it in the weston log during the loading of drm-backend (typically something like HDMI-A-1).

Currently there is no way to predefine the Screen ID to ensure the ILM screen ID 0 will refer always to the same physical connector. This feature is on our todo list but for the actual setup in GDP it should not be a problem.

Best regards

Eugen Friedrich
Software Group I (ADITG/SW1)

Tel. +49 5121 49 6921
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>Subject: Multi screen configuration with ilm
>I am trying to configure dual screen setup (LVDS + HDMI ) with genivi 10.0
>baseline (weston 1.9.0 ) on NXP Sabre SDP platform having 4.1.15 kernel.
>Tweaked the kernel boot params for dual display and added the two display
>outputs in weson config file but weston identifies only one display (/dev/fb0)
>and  ilm_getScreenIDs returns only one screen. Anybody successfully
>configured multi screen setup with ilm ? any help is appreciated.
>The associated section from weston log (complete log @
> ),
>> [12:38:31.544] fbdev output 1920×1080 px
>>                guessing 61 Hz and 96 dpi
>Complete weston config file ( /etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini )
>> [core]
>> [ivi-shell]
>> developermode=true
>> cursor-theme=default
>> cursor-size=32
>> [output]
>> name=HDMI1
>> mode=1920x1080
>> [output]
>> name=LVDS1
>> mode=1024x768
> _
> Best Regards
> Jomon John
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