ilm_surfaceCreate function call getting segmentation fault when EGl surface creation not happed.

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Hello Arunkumar san,

I am sorry for late reply.

I tried to make the same condition you had tried and segmentation fault happened when ilm_surfaceCreate function was called.

Althoughm ilm_surfaceCreate() is the function which makes t_ilm_surface, I think the t_ilm_surface is as same as ivi_surface.

So you can create surface by ivi_application_surface_create() on behalf of ilm_surfaceCreate().

Please try to use ivi_application_surface_create().
In weston/clients/simple-egl.c ,there is an example of usage.

Best regards
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Subject: ilm_surfaceCreate function call getting segmentation fault when EGl surface creation not happed.

Hi All,
We are trying to implement multi client application with IMX6 board.

wayland-weston verison - 1.9.0
wayland ivi extention version - 1.9.1
We are creating wayland surfaces and creating egl surface for each wayland surface and adding to the layer manager(ilm_surfaceCreate) then there is no issue.
Earlier, Layermanager with X11 we used, with that we just create the x11 window and we will map to Layermanager surface directly.
And we will pass the X11 window handle to our client applciation then they will create their own egl surface and will render their output.
But Now with Walyland with ivi shell the master application needs to create egl surface for each wayland surface then only layer manager surface can be added. otherwise getting segmentation fault for ilm_surfaceCreate function call.
we are missing something in our implementation?
Is there any issue in our understanding?
Please help us.
Arunkumar R

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