General question: How to start with the IVI Layer Managemet

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Please find the wayland ivi extension code in the below path.


Easily you can understand by running the below examples.

First run "layer-add-surfaces" this application. This application is used to monitor the ivi client applications.

After that run simple-egl.c which is for wayland ivi shell client application. This application will create the surface and will be intimated to layer-add-surface surface monitoring process.

example code -

in this way you can create multiple application and you can manage the multiple application surface in layer-add-surface if you want.

ivi-shell is used instead wl-shell for wayland ivi extension. So ivi extension is not something like shell.


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I'm quite new in using wayland.
We got a BSP wich is using Wayland 10.0 and Weston 10.0 and it seems to me that for our purpose, the IVI Extension is what we need.

The idea is to have an application which is constantly checking which surfaces are registered and deregistered to wayland, and move the to special predfined places on the screen.

However, I'm confused now where to start.

I checked
but the following links are not working anymore:
Wayland IVI Extension Project page

Quick Start of Wayland IVI Extension

Also I did not found the link where to download the IVI Extension code.

Reading this page:

I'm also a little bit confused: Is IVI-Shell allready included in Weston 10.0 and what is the difference between IVI-Shell and IVI-Extension?

Hope you can help me

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