Multiple display support with weston/wayland-ivi-extension

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Tue Oct 4 04:45:44 EDT 2016

Hi Eugen Friedrich,

Thanks a lot for your comments. I have commented below inline. Would
be great if you could help me to understand.


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> Hello Vikas,
> Best regards
> Eugen Friedrich
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>> Subject: Multiple display support with weston/wayland-ivi-extension
>> Dear All,
>> I am looking for the multiple display support with weston and
>> wayland-ivi-extension and different possible use cases.
>> I have tried weston 1.9.0 with desktop-shell on TI's Jacinto6/Linux4.4
>> and it worked with dual display in extended mode. But with
>> and could not able to see dual
>> working in any mode or I don't know how to do it.
>> Is multiple display possible and supported with weston 1.9.0 and
>> wayland-ivi-extension 1.9.1 with hmi-controller and ivi-controller?
>> What configuration I need to use?
> [EF] there is a bug in 1.9.1 please use 1.10.90 verion with Weston 1.11 if possible,
> Details of the bug can be found here:
[Vikas] Link you have given is part of weston. I could backport this
to weston 1.9.0. Is bug mentioned above related to multi display
support? Is there any specific bug with wayland-ivi-extension 1.9.1 ?
If you could point out I will test after back porting it.

At the moment I could not update to lates but surely will plan.

>> Can I run EGLWLMockNavigation on one physical display and
>> EGLWLInputEventExample on second physical display with
>> How to run this if it is possible?
> [EF] just create several ilm layers and attach them to the corresponding screens:
> The [LayerManagerControl get screens] should report several screens if displays are detected correctly
[vikas] How could I attach layers to the corresponding screens? As my
target shows two screen as follows. I think it is
"ilm_displaySetRenderOrder((t_ilm_display) 0, &ilmLayerId, 1)" call
but when I used 1 instead of 0 then it still showed on the same
display. Is my understanding correct?

root at linux123:~# LayerManagerControl get screens
invalid id_surface in controller_listener_surface
2 Screen(s):
- Screen 0 (0x0)
- Screen 1 (0x1)
wl_display at 1: error 0: invalid object 11
root at linux123:~#

Could I show "mocknavi" on second display by using following option
available with LayerManagerControl? I tried but didn't work.

set screen | layer <id> render order [<idarray>]

>> Does ivi-cotroller supports following  dual display mode?
>> - Extended
>> - Cloned
> [EF] ivi-controller should not know about cloned view, should be done on the level below in drm
> We should only see one display.
>> - Independent Driving.
> [EF] this is we only support, you will get several ilm screens and can attached layers to each screen separately.
> Currently 1 layer can be only on 1 screen, and 1 surface can be only on 1 layer, we are planning to relax this limitation
> And allow 1 surface to be on many layers but we would need to break the ABI and change the ivi-controller protocol.
Is this limitation for multi display support?

Thanks  Regards,

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