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Mon Nov 28 00:41:11 EST 2016

Hi Genivi-ivi-layer design team,

We want to understand and direction, where & how we can define the surface ID for the individual client applications.

As per our current design, We are the HMI central controller(using IVI shell) and once our application is boot up then we are passing the static and unique surface ID to every application by VMF message. Until that client should wait for the surface ID from the HMI central controller.

For example, to Navigation client application we are passing a static number once our HMI central controller is ready.
This is for just kind of hand shaking purpose and we are deciding the static and unique surface ID during run time(let say we are passing 110 is the surface ID for every power cycle).

But during our internal discussion we should not pass any static and unique surface id to the navigation client application on every boot up.
Because it is deviating the Genivi design architecture, so navigation client should hard code the surface id and they should not wait for the surface id to pass by HMI central controller.

But I haven’t seen anywhere in the Genivi document that we should not pass the surface ID to any client during boot up.

Please suggest us and clarify.

Arunkumar R
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