DRM render

Ucan, Emre (ADITG/SW1) eucan at de.adit-jv.com
Tue Nov 15 02:57:41 EST 2016


1. Wayland IVI Extension examples are wayland clients. You can use pixman renderer with drm backend with --use-pixman commandline option.
2. I think wayland sink only supports wl_shell. Therefore, you cannot use it with ivi-shell out of the box. You have to implement ivi_application support for wayland sink.

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> Hi,All:
>     1. Now genivi ivi extension provide some examples only about OpenGL ES
> render.
>     Could drm backend use the pixman renderer instead of OpenGL ES?
>     2. Could ivi extension support that using wayland sink to render Gstreamer
> Video?
>         If not, how could ivi render the video?
>     Perhaps the way I asked is not very correct. Please bear with me.
> Best regards,
> Anthenony

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