[PATCH] ivi-controller: do not iterate over empty list in send_surface_add_event

Natsume, Wataru (ADITJ/SWG) wnatsume at jp.adit-jv.com
Wed May 18 06:06:55 EDT 2016

Hello Potrola-san,

Thank you for your contribution. As you pointed, the empty list should be checked.
In your patch, break looks better than continue because further iteration would not make sense.

In addition, would you recreate your patch in accordance with Genivi rule below? Then your patch would be merged smoothly.

I also found some point might cause crash during this review. Let me issue it in another thread.

Best Regards,
Wataru Natsume

Wataru Natsume / 夏目 亘
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Subject: [PATCH] ivi-controller: do not iterate over empty list in send_surface_add_event

Iterating over empty list will modify first value passed to wl_list_for_each, but that won't be valid list entry, which in case of send_surface_add_even leads to crash.
 weston-ivi-shell/src/ivi-controller-impl.c | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

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