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nicolas heldmaier n.heldmaier at
Thu May 12 08:22:49 EDT 2016


I tried to add the terminal in the ivi launcher, but when i click on it,
the terminal does not show up. I wanted to know if i did something wrong in
my weston.ini file, or if it is impossible to launch this terminal using

Her is my weston.ini file :



*[ivi-shell] ivi-module=

*#Show cursor cursor-theme=default cursor-size=32*

*#Define which layer id is used to logically group surfaces
base-layer-id=1000 workspace-background-layer-id=2000
workspace-layer-id=3000 application-layer-id=4000*

*#Path to png file and define surface id to be decoded.
background-image=/usr/share/weston/background.png background-id=1001
panel-image=/usr/share/weston/panel.png panel-id=1002
tiling-image=/usr/share/weston/tiling.png tiling-id=1003
sidebyside-image=/usr/share/weston/sidebyside.png sidebyside-id=1004
fullscreen-image=/usr/share/weston/fullscreen.png fullscreen-id=1005
random-image=/usr/share/weston/random.png random-id=1006
home-image=/usr/share/weston/home.png home-id=1007*

*#Color of background and define surface id to paint the color.
workspace-background-color=0x99000000 workspace-background-id=2001*

*[input-method] path=/usr/lib/weston/weston-keyboard*

*#To add launcher to the workspace. #workspce-id: which workspace a laucher
icon is added. #icon-id: surface id to draw icon image. #icon: patch to
icon image #path: path to program to be invoked by this launcher.*

* [ivi-launcher] workspace-id=0 icon-id=4001

*[ivi-launcher] workspace-id=1 icon-id=4002
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