Triangle image is present in the output

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Thu Mar 24 06:18:39 EDT 2016

Hi All,

In our application we have 2 window (LayerManager with X and openGL used).
top window has UI applications and bottom window has external applications.
So when ever external window has to be seen, we will put UI window as
transparent so that bottom external window will be seen.

When bottom window updated and notified to Layermanager by X, and
LayerManager starts to blend.

At the same time if UI layer update in progress and it is in halfway.

X11WindowSystem::EventLoop - X11WindowSystem.cpp just checking these files.

for this case, what will happen.

Any idea? Please share your thoughts.

some times we are seeing a triangle image in this case. If next update is
happen to any one of the windows then this triangle got cleared.

Most likely we are seeing this issue, when both windows got the update

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