Understanding waylaid-ivi-extension 1.9.0 APIs usage

Vikas Patil vikasmpatil at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 05:24:28 EST 2016

Dear All,

I am trying to upgrade as follows. With this I am trying to run the
simple-egl (weston example test) (which I have modified to include
apis from ilmClient, ilmControl and ilmCommon
to avoid the need for using any commands using "LayermanagerControl"
to get it working correctly and displaying). It was working fine
previously but after upgrade it is not working as expected.

- from wayland/weston 1.8.0/18.0   to   1.9.0/1.9.0
- from wayland-ivi-extension 1.4.0   to   1.9.0

However I was able to make work my sample app working in two ways
1. After using the layer-add-surface.
2. Using "ilm_surfaceAddNotification(ilmSurfaceId,&surfaceCallbackFunction)"
and doing all surface related calls after configure event.

I think I know bit and pieces (after looking at the commit logs) but
not the complete design and flow. Could you please elaborate what
exactly has been changed and how should it be used?

It would be very helpful if someone can answer following queries too:

1. How to use ilmClient and ilmControl within single source/process?
2. Will LayermanagerControl also works if I use the client and control
in single process?
3. How to decide which following apis to use ? Could it be used in
single process?



4. Is it must to use following apis to add surface to layer and
changing other surface properties as shown in layer-add-surface.c? or
Without this also I can use the client and control APIs and make
application working properly?


Sometime I also see following error when trying LayermanagerControl
while using (ilm_initWithNativedisplay(), ilmControl_init()) inside
application, what does it signifies?

LayerManagerControl analyze surface 70
unknown object (17), message layer(?o)
Failed to initialize wayland connection: Invalid argument
[Warning] The ilm_control_context is already destroyed
Interpreter error: failed

Thanks & Regards,

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