Screen triangle tearing

arunkrish20 . arunkrish20 at
Wed Apr 13 02:47:54 EDT 2016

Hi all,

We are facing some (Screen Triangle tearing)issue while we update the 2
surfaces in parallel.
Using plugins GLES,X11 and we have 2 surfaces in a layer(i.e 2 X11 windows)
will be present in display.

Most of the time triangle tearing is happening where we have a pixel update

Is it like surface update completed, based on that x damage event
layermanager started to blend mean time other surface update in half way?

We tried to take the snapshot through dump command when that time issue is
not there.

In the attached image, as i said we have 2 surfaces top surface 75% of the
surface is transparent to see the bottom of the surface informations. In
the bottom of the surface we are seeing this triangle tearing.

And this issue cleared when any one of the window surface is updated.

If anyone faced this kind of problem or any idea about this issue, please
share you thoughts.

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