What is the best/preferred way to integrate a Qt application with IVI layer management now?

Roland Krause rkrause at ics.com
Sun Apr 10 21:52:29 EDT 2016

So after I got over my problems with Qt applications not showing up solved
(hurray!) I am trying to figure out what the official best/recommended way
is to integrate a custom app with the ivi layer management?

I.e. I'd like to be able to run and control visibility of my own
application and have it show up on part of the screen or full screen with
focus etc..

So far I wrote a script and I am using LayerManagerControl but that seems
clumsy and I have to restart gdp-hmi-controller.service every time which is
somewhat slow and even clumsier.

Another thing I've tried is to replace qml-example with my own application.
I think I've tried all variations but it seems that my own app can just not
be handled by the launcher for whatever unknown reason.
- I tried starting my app with the qml-example.service - nope
- I tried linking or flat out replacing the binary in /usr/bin with my own
- nope
- I have not tried making my own service or hacking the gdp-hmi-launcher2
code base cause I don't think that would help.
- My guess is that there is a bit of DBus glue code needed but where can i
find an example?
- I found this line in qml-example/main.cpp
43:  view.setProperty("IVI-Surface-ID", QML_EXAMPLE_SURFACE_ID);
and am kinda hoping that might help?

So what would I be missing here?

Thanks for you assistance in advance!
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