[genivi-dlt] How to retain previous dlt viewer connected session 60 seconds logs with new session.

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Fri May 22 01:30:07 EDT 2020

Hello Arun,

I'm very sorry that I didn't reply to your mail for quite a long time.
I guess this is quite hard to handle in dlt-daemon or dlt-system side.
First of all dlt-daemon is not responsible for identifying each on every messages and deciding whether or not to send them to the client.
Detailed filtering needs to be handed in the client.
For that, even though the feature won't fully cover your requirements, I think we would propose to use Offline Logstorage for storing all the messages.
Do you think it's reasonable?
Please let me know if you have any further feedback/questions/suggestions.

Best regards,
Saya Sugiura

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Hi log and Trace Team,

I am using dlt for the development purpose. I have a requirement.

1) I have target connected to Windows Host machine.
2) host has dlt viewer and connected session to target and dlt logs are showing on dlt viewer.
3) I will disconnect the dlt viewer connection  and dlt logs stops.
4) Now again I will connect and fresh logs will start coming on dlt viewer.
But here requirement is can we get 60 seconds prepended dlt logs on dlt viewer in new session?

Anytime I connect, dlt viewer should start showing 60 second prepended logs.
example if I connect at 5PM, dlt viewer should start showing logs from 4:49PM.
Is there any configuration provided or can we change the dlt daemon or dlt-system source code?

target runs on arm chip with Linux OS.
Host is Windows 10 which is connected to target via ethernet to collect dlt logs.

Thanks in Advance for your support.

Best Regards,
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