[genivi-dlt] Redirecting Systemd Journal Content to dlt-system

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Hello Pritesh,

I'm very sorry for my late response.
Please find my comment inline with [SS].

Best regards,
Saya Sugiura

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Hi all,

I have few queries regarding redirecting journal content to dlt-system could anyone please help in sorting it out with helpful suggestions.

1) Do i need to change JournalEnable = 0(which is by default) to 1 in dlt-system.conf file even If i am compiling dlt with cmake build flag "-DWITH_SYSTEMD_JOURNAL = ON" ? Means do i need to do both above things ?
-> [SS] Yes, you need both changes in order to enable journal logging in DLT.

2) Is there any way to test or cross check if whether are we getting systemd journal content in dlt-system or not rather than using dlt-viewer in client ?
-> [SS] There is a test script called "start_systemd_journal_test.sh" under tests directory, so you can refer to that as a starting point. On the other hand, it would be better to use DLT client e.g. DLT Viewer or dlt-receive command line tool to verify the output.

Thanks in Advance,
BSP Engineer @ APTIV(Formerly known as DELPHI).
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