[genivi-dlt] DLT Question: DLT Viewer 2.18 crashes

Joanna.Flisak at partner.bmw.de Joanna.Flisak at partner.bmw.de
Mon Jun 25 05:14:02 EDT 2018

Hello all,

I am using DLT Viewer in the bat scripts and I am getting the DLT Viewer crashes quite frequent which makes my bat script stopping. Could you please take a look on the crash dumps in attachment?

I tried DLTViewer 2.19 and 2.18 and behavior is exactly the same. I tried the same bat script on different computers and I am getting the crashes on every computer while I am logged in with my personal QX-Number, with different user (personal QX-number of my colleague) I am not getting the crashes.

My current configuration:

DLT Version: 2.18.0-RELEASE

Build Date: Oct 18 2016-12:47:45

Qt Version: 5.5.1

Thank you in advance and best regards

Joanna Flisak
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