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Siddall, Scott Scott.Siddall at harman.com
Mon Feb 12 13:29:56 EST 2018

Also, maybe instead of searching all over again from the beginning, time can be saved by starting the search from where is last left off. Only search again from the beginning if the search string is modified.

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Hello Olaf,

I recommend it because we have an internal trace application, which was written long ago, (but has very regrettably been abandoned because it's not Genivi compliant) that has this very feature and the searching is exponentially faster after the search string is been modified.


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Hi Mr. Siddall,

that would mean to constantly searching. That is not intended. For that we have the filters.
Just my opinion.

Olaf Dreyer

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Could you please make DLTViewer automatically update the search window when a trace comes in that matches the search string? The user shouldn't have to keep pressing the search button - the trace should automatically appear.

Also the searching speed needs to improve greatly.

Please keep version information in mail:

DLT Version: 2.18.0-STABLE

Build Date: Jan 25 2017-15:13:17

Qt Version: 5.5.1
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