[genivi-dlt] Crashing dlt-system

Muhammed Rafeeq Muhammed.Rafeeq at microfuzzy.com
Thu Apr 12 10:44:20 EDT 2018


My dlt-system is crashing while following these steps:

    1)We are using a system with systemd and trying to configure dlt-system.conf file with (SyslogEnable =1) anddisable the Journal (JournalEnable = 0).
    2)Restarted the dlt-system as well as dlt-daemon.
    3)While i check process status,i came to know that dlt-system is not running any more after enabling the syslogEnable = 1.
    4)Getting error in my dlt_viewer that "Unable to bind socket for SYSLOG"

I already read your mail thread https://lists.genivi.org/pipermail/genivi-diagnostic-log-and-trace/2017-February/000471.html

To remove this binding error i also tried to restart my system but nothing

Could you please help me to configure the dlt-system in such a way that i can log the syslog even if the systemd is already running in the system?


Muhammed Rafeeq K

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