[genivi-dlt] How to change the dlt default level from dlt.conf

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The default log level in the library is INFO. So I guess you receiving INFO messages in the beginning only? What do you mean with "printed out"? On the DLT Viewer?
If you want to change the default log level in the library itself, you can set an environment variable. 


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Betreff: [genivi-dlt] How to change the dlt default level from dlt.conf

Hallo Guys,

	I want to change the default level of dlt-daemon by modifying dlt.conf. But I found it does not work in Version: 2.16.0.

	e.g. I found dlt info messages are still printed out even if I change the LoggingLevel from 6 to 3.

	Do you have any suggestion for this point?

	My modification is as below:

# The logging console for internal logging of dlt-daemon (Default: 0) # 0 = log to stdout, 1 = log to syslog, 2 = log to file (see LoggingFilename) LoggingMode = 0

# The internal log level, up to which logs are written (Default: 6) # LOG_EMERG = 0, LOG_ALERT = 1, LOG_CRIT = 2, LOG_ERR = 3, LOG_WARNING = 4, LOG_ LoggingLevel = 3

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