[genivi-dlt] DLT daemon log level usage?

none none charles.romanescou at gmail.com
Fri May 19 00:38:37 EDT 2017

Hello all,

I'm new to DLT and the features are quite nice - thanks for providing
this to us!

I have a question regarding log level setting in dlt daemon.

I saw that the dlt-control program could accept the -l option to set a
given log level. I don't understand how this can be effectively used.

>From what I got reading the source code, it calls the function
"dlt_daemon_send_log_level" which calls
"dlt_daemon_user_send_log_level" and
- the second is just to acknowledge dlt-control that the log level has
been set effectively.
- the first one logs to FIFO (i.e to the application sending the logs
do the client, the application who called  DLT_REGISTER_APP)

Is this correct?

If I understood correctly, this means if we we want to use
dlt-control, we need to implement a response to
dlt_daemon_user_send_log_level (after calling DLT_REGISTER_APP) to
only send the right amount of log to dlt daemon afterward? Is there
any doc for this, could you point me out to some
reference/function/source file please?

I couldn't find any doc/reference about it. Did I miss something?

Thanks for the help!

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